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West Family Reunion 2015

One Family One Love

Uniting Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Saturday, 8/14/15 and Sunday, 8/16/15

Hello Family!!!  It's been two years (or longer), since we've seen some of you.  Well that's too long!


This is the perfect time to come reconnect with loved ones and meet our newest family members!


Since God has been so good to us, let's show our appreiciation and thankfulness for all He has done.  We never know when it will be our last time seeing each other and that's why it is imperative that we keep having these reunions and do our best to attend.


We try to keep cost as reasonable as possible so that as many as possible can afford to attend.  All remaining funds from each reunion are used to kick start the next reunion.


This year we've decided to omit purchasing T-shirts and just wear one from previous reunions.  If you have any ideas/suggestions please let one of the committee members know.  We welcome all help and ideas!


We are Family and we need your help to make this reunion a success!


You don't want to miss this one!


Join us for a day of family celebration and fun!